I want to delete columns in Excel starting from F

Hi everyone,

I have a scenario in Excel, i want to delete columns in Excel starting from F column and i don’t know how many columns will be . I want to delete columns starting from F to till end.

Can anyone help me how can I do this.

I want solution except Macro and VBA code.


you can use Read range activity by mentioning the range



Hey @Learner007 ,

Yourdatatablename = Yourdatatablename.DefaultView.ToTable(False,"columnnameA", "columnnameB", "columnnameC","columnnameD","columnnameE").copytodatatable()

Replace those with Your column name till e
And it will not write other than mentioned columns

Hope it helps you out!

Hi @Shiva_Nikhil if I want to use delete range means i need end column but I don’t know how many columns i will be getting in that excel

Hi @Vikas_M I’m getting error like copytodatatable is not a member of datatable

Actually I can’t specify the column names because in between few columns are empty how to handle that


try to make use of readrange activity and make the range upto which you want

hey @Learner007 , My bad
copytoDatatable was not required

This above works

Also if you don’t want to specify column names, then while reading from excel specify the range
Refer below image

Thanks @Vikas_M it worked. Read range only.

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