Empty columns

  • Hello Vajrang,
    I had a small doubt
    As this is my query
    *while using read range activity to read the data
    *but in the data we are having 8columns but I am getting 11 with empty columns
    (Column1, column2,column3)
    Want to delete the empty columns

@Vajrang Can you Please help me on this.


you can save the columns you need using this query

dt_yourDT.DefaultView.ToTable(False,"yourColumn1","yourColumn2", "yourColumn3","etc...").CopyToDataTable


Hi @Bindu_sai ,

Take a Look at the Workflow in the Below Post, It Should be able to Remove the Empty Columns in the Datatable :

Hi @Bindu_sai

we can achieve this using LINQ query

lets say u hv used Read range and stored Output as DT

so drag an assign activity and write the expression as below

newDT = DT.DefaultView.ToTable(False,"Column 1","Column 2", ...,"Column 8").CopyToDataTable

next use write range and print that datatable to an excel

Hope this Helps

The solution is resolved as here

  1. i am using while loop into that
  2. if condition to check the column names contains “Column” if its there
  3. iit will move to then condition and in that i am using list variable
  4. So i am storing “column” names.
  5. again I had used for each so i gave that list variable
  6. with remove data column activity.

Thank you,

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