Need help on Excel delete column and Select range together

Hi, I have an excel that gets downloaded from a website and i need to Read Range that .xls. But the excel is having one column name twice, which is causing Read Range do not work. So i am trying to delete one of that duplicated column using Insert/Delete Column and then save Wrksheet and then Read Range.
When i execute that part separately, it is working but when i run my main script , this delete column part is not working when i run the main.xaml.


Can you please run the process in Debug mode and check what error you are getting.


Instead we can do one thing

In read range activity if the add headers is enabled only then issue will come
Disable that option in property and get the datatable
Then we can change the column name we want like this in a assign activity

dt.Columns(“Column-1”).ColumnName = “your new column name”

Similarly for other columns as well

Cheers @Rinku_Mohanan