Deleting whole columns with Delete range activity

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to specify the whole column for deletion such as selecting column A to D as “A:D” in the range field. Or would I have to read the whole sheet and count the number of rows and do something like “A1:D”+rowCount. Just wondering if there was a way to do this with just the delete range activity without relying on other activities.


you can use remove data column activity to remove single column
if you want to remove multiple column use filter data table


HI @anon5199880

If you wish to delete a column in excel itself, you can use the Delete Range activity. You will need to use it within the Excel Scope activity though. In the delete range, you can specify which column/ Columns you want to delete.

However, if you are having the data in a datatable variable, Then you can use Delete Data Column activity to delete a column in the datatable easily. In case you want to delete multiple data columns from a datatable, then use the Filter Data Table activity. There you can specify what and how you need the columns to be deleted.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando ,

I want to delete via the delete range activity but I do not know how to specify the whole column. I do not want to hard code it to be like “A1:B1000” or something similar to that. Tanks

Hi @anon5199880

Check out the below post… This may help

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