I want to automate adding a bookmark for a web page


I want to automate adding bookmarks to a browser. I have a excel sheet of the links that must be bookmarked.

I tried browser automation but the I am only able to select within the webpage but not the browser tools (menu bar).

(I am not able to automate the part of web browser which is highlighted in yellow)

Please help me, any suggestion is welcome.

Thank You

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Have you tried using hotkeys for the same ? Ctrl+D and Enter will help you to bookmark the particular tab.




Use a SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as ctrl+d and indicate that web page as a element

Use another Send hot key activity with key as enter without element been indicated

This should work fine as expected

And I wonder whether you have enabled chrome browser extension
If it’s enabled then I think the url bar can be accessed as a element

If still that doesn’t work then try with above mentioned steps

Cheers @ice_cream

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HI @ice_cream ,

Have you tried changing the UI Framework from Default to AA using F4 while Indicating ?

We can also change the framework by using the UI Explorer

Let us know after you have tried this option.

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