I want solution of my problem

in for each activity i did data scraping activity and run multiple time and after that in used write range activity but i want all data after scraping in multiple page of excel sheet what i do plz help me

maybe you are looking not for a merged datascraping result and can add each part to a list of datatables. Afterwards iterate over the list of datatables and write it to different excel sheets

i did not understand plz send me ref video if you have


Assuming you want to write the data of each scrapping result into different sheets.

with in for each, please reinitialize the extractdatatable variable with new Datatable then scarp the result and write it in the excel sheet.


You have your for each , here with in for each initialize the datatable variable and then scrap and write the data

and after the can i run the program

Yes, after that you can run the program , if you have get into any error after that, please share your workflow.

hii what i do for the new error plz check once

could you please send your whole workflow?
what is the scope for newDatatable and where you are scaping the data

scope is for whole project

this is my outine