Write Range query

I am using write range to insert data(of datascraping data) into excel1 and for the 2 nd time i am creating another excel and insert data into that excel(like excel2) but problem is here in excel2 it was taking excel1 data as well … how should i avoid this.
please find the attached screen shots.Excel1 Excel2

@sunilraju, not sure if i understand you correctly, but sounds like you scrape data the first time and write it in an excel file and then you scrape data again append it on the excel file again.

I am thinking if that is the case, then you can use an Assign activity, and make your DataTable variable null before scraping the data for the second time.

Thanks for Quick response.
Here i am using DataScraping and output as Extractdatatable. and now i am using writeline and inserting ExtractTabledata. again go for 2nd one get Datascraping data and do the same in newly created excel

Hi @sunilraju,

While scraping 2nd time create different dt variable like Extractdatatable2. And try once.


How can i change it. bydefault datascraping output is ExtractDataTable. so please let me know how to change it…

oki then use this activity to clear the datatable after writing the ExtractDataTable to excel.

pass the input as ExtractDataTable variable


Now clear the issue. thanks you kadi

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If everything is fine, please close this thread by marking as solution…! @sunilraju