I want it to pass the result that was not found in the automatic search

Hello guys,

I have a simple automation web search, searching for all results and pulling data I get a not found result and the robot encounters an error

Can you explain in simple terms what I need to do to keep searching?

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Hi @A_Zyzz_Man,

Can you show us the error if you are facing that challenge.
Also you can use a element exist and a retry scope activity to retry that search and check the element on the screen exists and move with the next steps.


HI @A_Zyzz_Man

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Can you check on the Selector of Ttpe Into Activity?


You are Extracting this word in orange box and it is not extracting the word this is correct?

my bot has a schema like this, all I want is for it to keep searching for other columns in excel when no results are found on the web

How I can do this, can you show me ?

I think
Okay So You can try like @Shikhar_Tandon suggested

  • Use Element exist activity and indicate on that Word\Orange box and fine tune the Selector .
  • Uee If and pass the element exist activities Variable to it as condition.
    • If true move to the next column and same steps for all the column
    • If False get the column and add the row to the datatable



Thanks a lot for your help, can you show me this on my file? I’m new so I can’t quite understand your wondern gokul


Can share the excel too?

The forum is preventing me from posting a link.

Okay So No Problem try it your self

We will guide you @A_Zyzz_Man

Just For your Info

We have two Types of design\Activities in Uipath

  • Classic Default activities
  • Modern Design

If you check your project settings the Modern design is enabled

If you want to use Classic Design you can enable Show Classic in Filter

and Vice Versa for using Modern Activities in Classic Design

Check App State in modern design is same as Element Exist in classic design so you can try that with the steps which i have suggested in above

  • Check App State has two branches by default and one will be executed when the element you indicated appeared on the screen if the element doesn’t appear the other branch with execute.
  • If you Use Element Exists you need to create a variable in the property which will store as Boolean(True\False). so you need use if activity to check if the element exist in the page or not .

I will share you a example with your project check on your side by indicating the value in the website


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Here is the workflow
didsearch-gumus.zip (879.5 KB)


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That is because you are a new user you will have access to share in the upcoming days

Do I need to add the orange warning to the target not visible box?

Change the activities to Element doesnot appear and indicate on the orange box by clicking on the “Indicate on IE…”


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