If no result from web after search

Dear all,

Currently, i would like to build the workflow which consist of the following criteria in the web searching:

  1. If there is result or document attached, please download the documents
  2. If no attachment and if show as per wording below, please use another column of excel data to extract.

May i know if anyone how to build this or is there any video that i can refer to?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @SH_94

For your process you can try the steps as specified below

  1. Use element exists to indicate the below element which appear when record is not found

  2. If the element is found, then you can use the activity to move to next column data

  3. if the element is not found, then it implies that there is document and you can use activity to download the data

the steps 2 and 3 can be done using if else condition itself based on output received from element exists

Nived N
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Thanks a lot for the prompt response. Could you briefly explain more on the step 2 and 3 ? As currently i have reach the step as below.

Many thanks in advance

Hi @SH_94 can u explain about the step 2, i am little confused around that


Yes. Sure. I think i will explain the overall process that i plan to automate.

Currently i have two excel column data which will be used to find the result in the web application as per screenshot below.
First of all , i will use the invoice number to find the data in the web application. If no result found, i would need to use the second column data which is reference number to find the data. If there is result found by using the invoice number, i will need to download the attachment in the web application.

Hence, currently i at the stage that i use the element exist to identify if there is no record found in the web application and proceed to ask the UiPath to try using the reference number to search in the web application. I not sure which tools i need to use to ask the Uipath to read the second column data to find the result in the web application. below is the current stage of workflow and i not sure how to proceed on this.

Is the explanation clear or still a bit not so clear?

Many thanks in advance.
Thank you

Hi @SH_94
I had created a sample workflow, where i had desribed the steps that u had to do in each sections by comments.

Refer this and let me know if you need any help
process1.zip (3.4 MB)
Nived N
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Thank you for the prompt response. I had went through workflow and it is same as per my current workflow.

However, i have the issue of asking the UIpath to read the second column.The current result it seem like, it will read all the invoice number. What i would like to do is read first column of the invoice number and if no data found , read the second column of the reference number.

In the workflow, you show it as comment. Could you build the samples for this workflow?

Many thanks.

Hi @SH_94

How you are downling records by typing the reference number or invoice or selecting?


Steps to achieve this-

1 - Read excel file
2 - Iterate each row one by one
3 - In Iteration body sequence check for row(0) if data not found in Web app then Mark False in boolean variable
4 - Use if condition in Iteration body sequence to check if boolean variable value is false then check for row(1) value in Web app.

Use reusable xaml file to check data found in Web app or nor so that you can pass only row(0) or row(1) value to that workflow.

Hope this will work.
If you need workflow let me know I will create it for you.


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i use the type into activity to key in the invoice number inside the web application from excel file.

Dear @ermanoj3101 ,

Do you have any sample workflow or any video that quite relevant to this query?

As i not sure how to build based on the explanation given.

Many thanks for your kind assistance.

UseCaseJacob.zip (10.4 KB)

Hi @SH_94 , Please find the workflow, hope this will help you.
Note: Put your app extraction and result logic in FindValueInWeb.xaml file. Don’t forget to assign value to out argument as for now i have hard coded False to it.

Dear @ermanoj3101 ,

Thanks a lot for the prompt response. May i know how to do this step " result logic in FindValueInWeb.xaml file" as i not sure how to do it.

Many thanks again for the help.

As you have mentioned in one of the statement that “Hence, currently i at the stage that i use the element exist to identify if there is no record found in the web application”.
Just put this step in the workflow i have mentioned and from element exist whatever value activity result out just pass it to out argument.

Dear Manoj,

Thank you for the prompt response.

i have put the app extraction in the FindValueInweb but it show the error as below :

May i know if my step above is correct? The error is as per screenshot below:

Do you know how to fix this?

In FindValueInWebApp workflow, you have to put only that logic where bot will check the record exist or not with respect to invoice number in portal (Invoice number you can pass it as an In Argument from main workflow).
Reading of invoice file and iteration i have already done in Main file only you have to pass invoice number to it.
Not sure if you get this.

Dear Manoj,

thanks a lot for the detail explanation. It really helps a lot. Can you please comment if the screenshot below is the correct steps i have amended?

In addition, may i know for the false one right, how to assign value to out argument? Any tips for this?

Thanks again for your help.

Dear @ermanoj3101 ,

Good day to you.

I not sure how to fix the error as per screenshot below. Could you please advice me on this?

I also attached the workflow for your reference.

UseCaseJacob.zip (746.6 KB)

Please refer this.
UseCaseJacob.zip (17.6 KB)

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Dear @ermanoj3101 ,

Thanks you for the prompt response.

Currently i at this stage as per screenshot below whereby after clicking the search button, the browser will go to the new page.

I plan to use the element exist to detect the result as per screenshot below. If the new page showing “did not return any result” , i will go ask the Uipath to search again using the second column of excel information.
In this case, how can i amend the workflow to fit into the template built. You may run the workflow as per attached.
UseCaseJacob1.zip (36.7 KB)

Many thanks again