Unable to use find element and type into in anchor activity

I am working on a process which has a process of reading from Excel Key and value from it.
I have search for the key in web application and type the corresponding value in it.
I am using read range to read Excel and then loop through the datatable.
Element Exists to check if the key exists and use if condition to check if element Exists is True, then type the value of the respective key.
But this is not typing anything at all and neither is it identifying the next key if not found.

Can anyone help on this ?

Hey @Abc_Xyz1 ,

If you’re sure that the data table contains the data yet are not able to type or identify the next key, we can suspect that the selector that you are using might be invalid. Try to fix the selectors & make them dynamic by passing the variables through.

Hope this helps.

Hello @Abc_Xyz1

Here if you need to Type into respective fields you need to make the selectors dynamic. I hope the data that you are passing to the selectors are making the selectors invalid. Plz check it once. If there is any extra spaces that can also affact the automation.



Use modern activities in UiPath in that need to use application\browser activity inside use activities as you required you will get accurate results because it will work each activity including anchor


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