I now cannot run / test more than process simultaneously

Is this a new limitation to community edition or is a configuration related to the UiRobot CE for this build?

I cannot run more than one Bot at a time. It was not exhibiting such behavior with 2016.1.6137. Appreciate if someone can give confirmation of this set limitation. Thanks.

That is correct. That feature was creating some issues in UiPath Studio Pro, and since Pro and CE are the same we had to retire it.

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Hi @badita

when we can expect to run multiple robots at a system at same time?


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Interesting. Does that mean I’ll need to get more UiRobot licenses for different PC to automate different scripts?
Is there are any write up for the issues that is causing Studio Pro, such as release notes?

You can run multiple scripts on the same PC but not simultaneously.
If one robot working 24 hrs is not enough, yes, you can get more.

As a sidenote:
Running processes simultaneously worked only for background automation like (Excel, database, UI automation in background)

Pardon me for asking, what exactly is UI automation in background?

Here [quote]
Background Automation is the method to automate different tasks in such a way that it won’t interfere with the user in his activities.

and here


Hi, can you run robots simultaneously on the same PC with the paid version on Uipath ?

Multiple workflows can be run on a Machine at the same time by diferent robots, if the robots are using different Windows sessions.
Eg. You have a Windows Server 2012, and you have 3 user accounts on that machine: user1, user2, user3. All users can execute a process(the same or different) simultaniously.

The limitation is per Windows session. 1 process/1 robot/1 session

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Hi Gary,

In short the answer is both yes and no, as per @andraciorici reply. So is yes you can run in same PC but with different Window sessions. This applies to both paid and CE.

However, depending on your implementation, in my case, I combined all the bots into one massive flow.

Thank you @andraciorici @cewong ! Performance wise, is it better to run robots under different accounts or on a virtual machine ? Virtual machine gives you manual resource allocation.

How many bot installation and licenses are required in this case.

Hi @andraciorici, Would you happen to know how to run Unattended bots in different sessions. We have a Windows server 2012 where we have one instance of Unattended Robot, I’m having issues provisioning another unattended bot to the same server due to the machine name validation.

Please help.