I need your help with for each ui element activity in Google search results

Hi, I wanted to create a workflow where i give product MPN, brand name and title as input to google search from an excel input sheet. Each input need to be searched in google.

All the search result websites in the first page need to be opened one by one and a Ctrl A & C keyboard shortcut needs to be done and the clipboard data needs to be pasted next to the input column in the input file.

I used the for each ui element to click on each of the links. But, it does not work. The first search result gets clicked and the same is not happening to the other links in the google results.

May be because of selector issue. As i am new to ui path, i am not sure about how to change the selectors to click on all the search results and also to continue the operation for the next input likewise.

Thanks for your help!

Could you attach a sample desired output you want?

The output is just a ctrl A & Ctrl C paste of the webpage in the search result. It’s just a visible data dump that i need.

Hi @GaneshA

Pass the input link to a variable and pass the variable to the selector in aa name or which is relevant to the link you want to click

Can u please give an example to how to do that. I want to click on the all the google search results and go to those web pages. Thanks in advance.

can you please explain clearly as where you are getting input and where you are searching the input

I am getting the input from an excel file. The input is a product MPN & brand name put together.
I am searching this input in Google search browser. After the search results populate, I want to click on each of the search results and go to that product page and do a keyboard short cut of ctrl A & Ctrl C and paste the clipboard text next to the input MPN (in the next column).

Hi @GaneshA

Use steps:
1.read range to read input excel
2.use for each row in datatable
3.open browser in the loop and enter the input values to search
4.get text or get full text for getting the text which is populated
5.kill the browser in the loop
6.add data row to add the column to data table{your input varable,get text variable}
7.out side the loop use write range to write the excel