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Hello All
I am new to UI Path, and I was wondering if the below workflow could be done using Studio/StudioX.

  1. Using a spreadsheet containing a list of Product ID’s, for each row
  2. Open correct webpage
  3. Search for Product ID with a prefix
  4. Analyze search results, discard irrelevant results, and for each matching result
  5. Open item and get “Shared Link”
  6. Write shared link to cell on same row in excel.

Have uploaded a quick screen capture so you can see what I’m going for.
I think items 1-3 will be pretty straight forward, it’s the analysis of the search results that I’m not sure about. I haven’t had much luck with the UI elements on the webpage.
I have had a look at the search results with the UI Explorer (see attached) but I’m not sure how to put put this into a click element.

Any pointers on what tools to use to accomplish this? Or what that sequence might look like?

i think this casae is quite similar to the ReFrramework exercise on UiPath academy , you can check it out maybe it can help you

Hello @william2 ,

This is a process which can be automated. Do the below steps:

  1. use Use Excel ACTIVITY.
  2. use Read Range ACtivity and get all the rows to a DataTable Variable(Now you have all the product id)
    3)Open the Application and do the signin.
    4)Use a For Each Row In DataTable Activty and loop through each row.
  3. Inside this you need to perform the UI automation . For that you can use the App/Web recorder.
    6)Get the values which are required.
    7)Use Write Cell Activity and write the data to Excel.
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Hi @william2,

Did you try data scraping for the search results?

For clicking on the search results, you can use Get Text activity to verify the text with the input if it matches then click on it.

Selector: you can increment the idx value for next record.

Could you elaborate some more?
I have tried editing the fuzzy selector in the click activity to include the search term, but it still only clicks the top result, it doesn’t click the second result which should match the search term.
The top result is “PRO_JOISP-0493.stp” whereas my search term is “PRO_JOISP-0493.pdf” which is the second listed result. It still doesn’t click it. (see video)

Interested in the get text activity. Would you be able to share an example of this?

Can you add idx=‘2’ in the click selector to check whether it is clicking 2nd result or not?

In your code, you are directly passing the prod name in the click selector, it is not the correct way to do it. Before clicking the particular result, you should verify that the result is matches with your input then only you proceed to click on it.

Get Text: you can add the idx=‘1’ in the selector and compare the output with the prod name in the input sheet. If it matches then click on it.
increment idx value

Hello @Shivaraju
That works great. Thankyou.

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