How to search and click on a variable in Chrome


I reached a stage were i add my variable - date “31/08/2021” from excel, i search it on chrome, it finds it but i stuck on how to press on the link.

i don’t want to press is as indication on screen because my variable changes on each excel file.

Or is there a quicker way to search in the page for that variable and click on it?

thank you

Can you send screenshots on where you want to click, and the link that you want to press.


what i understand is that there is link you want to open, in which some part has date in it. And that date is taken from excel.

You can read the excel and use a for each data row activity, in that, you can simply use open browser (if you want to have the new session every time) or you can use Navigate to (if you want to stay on the same page and load the next transaction). In the address field just enter the (URL part which is static)+ row(“date”).tostring

Hope this helps, else you may give us more information and if possible, a screenshot. that would help us to help you

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When I take the word SEARCH IN PAGE and click on it is it like you are looking for a text in the page and click it
Did we try with CLICK TEXT activity where we can pass the dynamic value as input from excel and it will click the text in web page
Ensure that the click text activity is placed inside ATTACH BROWSER activity

Cheers @neoklis.neokleous

in addition to:

we often do dynamizing a link by

  • indicate item of a click activity to a link
  • dynamizing it as described below
  • ensure that the variable will have a valid default value, so we can validate the selector

As in the example i downloaded from the forum and added a vaible from excel,
Example.xaml (17.7 KB)

instead of Click Image “Ask in Your Language”

i want the text to be the variable string.
as i will have a lot of excel files with different variables and i want to search each excel from the specific cell “C2” to find it in chrome and press it.
i cannot do this with image or indication on screen

Create a new excel file named test.xlsx and in Sheet1 Cell C2 type “ask”.

i want to search in chrome whatever is in C2, and click on it.

Search in chrome for the text is fine
Once we got the text it can be assigned to a variable and can be sent to CLICK TEXT activity
Did we try that option @neoklis.neokleous

due to sensitive information i cannot send you my project but for example,
i want to go to and search for “Windows Offline (64-bit)” which i get it from excel and it is in Cell C2.
i add it as variable string and i want to search the java page, find it and click it but not as image because the next person, Cell C3 may have “Mac OS X” to be clicked.
i cannot make the CLICK TEXT activity to work.

can you please send me simple example?

thank you

Why not
With CLICK TEXT activity we can click on text along with ctrl key so that new tab will be opened for that and this page remains there so that next “Mac OS X” will be clicked with ctrl key

Ctrl key can be enabled in a click activity with Key modifiers property

  • KeyModifiers - Enables you to add a key modifier. The following options are available: Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Win.

Cheers @neoklis.neokleous

i get only Click OCR Text

Search in activity panel


Am i doing something wrong?

in the example i can see the Text under UI Automation but on my project i cannot find it

i made it work by coping the Click Text from the sample.

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