I need to replace all the new line before a word in a XHTML document

I have an XHTML document where I have to replace the Newline before a word the word can be anything

Eg: string i need to replace =>“i like
this place”

string that need to be changed like this => i like this place"

Have you checked this - Remove line breaks in string

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i have to replace all the newline before a word from a entire XTHML document so if i use this it will remove all the newline from that document i only need to replace a “newline before a word”.

Eg: The document contains a close span tag followed by a newline and some word. i need to remove the newline from these types of occurence in the entire document.

Hi @udhayasuriya_Umapath

You have to do a LookAhead (this place) and LookBehind (i like) and replace the newline character to single space character.

LookAhead pattern is (?=this\p{Zs}place)
LookBehind pattern is (?<=i\p{Zs}like)

RegEx pattern is (?<=i\p{Zs}like)([\p{Zl}]+)(?=this\p{Zs}place) <== this only replaces newline characters, if any other characters present will failed

space separator is \p{Zs}
newline separator is \p{Zl}

Please also refer here for RegEx tutorials