I need to click on the "PENDING" option in excel but the mouse click option is not able to capture, would anyone have a solution


Try the Click Text activity. Also, did you open the Excel file with Use Excel, or Use Application/Browser? You’re not reading the data, you’re doing UI automation - so you need to use Use Application/Browser so you can click around etc.

I’m using Excel Application scope to open excel, is it correct or can I use another activity


That’s not correct for what you’re trying to do. You are doing UI Automation - trying to interact with things on the screen. For that you should use Use Application/Browser. Then your click will work.

in my project I’m only finding USE EXCEL FILE ?

Are you on modern? That’s how you’ll see Use Application/Browser. It has nothing to do with Excel specifically, it’s for automating in any application or web page.

If you’re not on modern (you should be) then I think you’ll have to use the Start Process activity and then Attach Window. Been a while since I’ve done things the old way, so I might have them wrong.

thanks for the help friend, my settings are like this, I see the SHOW MODERN option but I can’t find Use Application/Browser, are these settings correct?

I updated my packages and it worked, thanks for the help friend

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