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Hi all ,

What is the best way to learn RPA as an absolute beginner ? I have a sudden interest in Robotic Process Automation. May you please recommend where and how to start , resources to read , tips, etc.

Thank you.

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you can learn RPA in

UiPath academy it is a better place where you can learn more about UiPath

Hi @Oratile_Mogajane

You can go through this


Learning RPA with UiPath as an absolute beginner can be an exciting journey. Here are six steps to help you get started:

  1. Introduction to RPA and UiPath:

    • Start with the basics. Understand what RPA is and how it can benefit organizations.
    • Learn about UiPath, one of the leading RPA platforms. Visit the UiPath website to get an overview of their offerings.
  2. Online Learning Platform:

    • Visit the UiPath Academy (academy.uipath.com), which offers free, comprehensive, and structured RPA courses.
    • Begin with the “RPA Developer Foundation” and “Orchestrator” courses to build a strong foundation.
  3. Hands-on Practice:

    • Download and install the UiPath Community Edition, which is free for personal use.
    • Practice building robots, automating tasks, and exploring different features in UiPath Studio.
  4. Explore UiPath Community:

    • Join the UiPath Community Forum to connect with other learners and ask questions.
    • Read and participate in discussions, share your knowledge, and seek assistance when needed.
  5. Advanced Courses:

    • As you become more comfortable, explore advanced courses on the UiPath Academy.
    • Learn about specific components like AI/ML integration, SAP automation, and more.
  6. Certification:

    • Consider taking UiPath certification exams, such as the “RPA Associate” or “Advanced RPA Developer” certification, to validate your skills.
    • Having certifications can boost your career prospects.

Remember that practice is key in mastering RPA with UiPath. Try automating tasks from your daily work to gain practical experience. As you progress, you can explore more advanced topics, consider advanced certifications, and even look for job opportunities in the growing field of RPA.

Throughout your learning journey, keep up-to-date with RPA trends and UiPath updates through blogs, articles, and webinars in the RPA community.


Hi @Oratile_Mogajane ,

Welcome to UiPath Forum & Community !!

If u are a beginner u can register with UiPath Academy and register to courses based on the roles u are intrested with .

If u have any queries in learning u can ping in forum and

If u want to see the latest thing happening in UiPath u can join Community events for free of cost and attend events across the globe .

And all the resources stated above are absolutely free of cost even the Tool also

Happy Automation

Enrol yourself to this academy

There you can find a learning plan like this

Choose the one u need and start from there

Hope this helps

Cheers @Oratile_Mogajane

you can check this link and choose learning plans and you can start with the course as per your need