I have a small captcha problem

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This is the site I am logging in with UiPath.
I have added a dialogue box to pop up when entering captcha.
Username and Password is got from an excel sheet.
The problem is when the captcha is entered wrong, the password field becomes empty and the robot stops. Is there anyway I can make the password to fill again and the captcha dialogue box to pop up again?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Vijay_Manimaran ,

Firstly, its recommended that you store credentials as a Credential Asset.
Next, when you enter a wrong CAPTCHA, does the website send any notification, as in the form of a notification or popup?

If so, we can detect that and use a Boolean Value inside of a Do While to achieve this.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

@Vijay_Manimaran Does it showing any error when the bot entering wrong captcha

Actually, I am typing in the captcha manually using dialog box, because, I couldn’t automate captcha verification. When I do type in the wrong captcha, the already filled in password field becomes empty and the robot stops.
Can I make the same password auto fill again and run the captcha again?
I get user name and password from an excel sheet.

@Vijay_Manimaran Do this once you enter Captcha, check the password field is empty. If it empty try again entering the password and captcha

Can you help me with this? I am unaware of this Credential Asset.

When I type in wrong captcha this happens.

@Vijay_Manimaran Capture that Enter Valid Letters shown error using element exists activity

if it present(can check using if condition) then try entering pwd and Captcha again. Anyways, you are getting data from excel, so the values will still present in the variable

If you want to get from the Orchestrator Asset use the link below


Hi @Vijay_Manimaran ,

Here is a short tutorial on creating and using Assets for both Normal and Credential Assets.

This approach is recommended since credentials are supposed to be secured.
Also, the notification in red is something we can use to our advantage, use an Element Exists on that and pass that into a Do While Activity.

As long as that notification is present, the Loop will keep on entering credentials and asking you to enter the CAPTCHA.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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@Vijay_Manimaran You can follow below steps

  • Enter Username
  • Enter pwd
  • Enter Captcha
  • Now, check it gives Enter Valid Letters shown error using element exists activity . Provide the feasible time out. Otherwise, it will wait for 30 sec which is default one
  • If the element exists activity returns True then enter pwd, captcha again
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@Vijay_Manimaran Let me know if it work or any issues

Hi Usha
It works, but the follow up activities after the log in are not performing as usual.

@Vijay_Manimaran What is happening

The followup activities stopped working and the error points to the enter password activity in While Activity

It worked Usha. I used Elements Exists and If activity, it worked.
Thanks for the help.

Thank you for the assist, Ashwin. It worked.

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