Login data in the assets

Hi ,
I’m trying to automate a web process through REframework, where in the web application first page has the loginid and userid and in the next page i need to give password.
can anyone suggest how can this be done through assets

Hi @sreelakshmivella2012

Create an asset with type as credential and store the username and password in them


Then use get credential activity(pass the asset name here) to get the username and password values and use them in the process


Hi @sreelakshmivella2012

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You can try to use Get Credential activity to get the user name and password

Use Type into activity to enter the User name in the website

Use Type Secure Text activity to enter the Password in the website

Check out this image for better understanding

Check out this video link

Hi @sreelakshmivella2012 ,

Based on client requirement for Credentials store but login page should be do in Initstate.

Hope this video will help you more details.


Yes , i knew about the asset store with username and password in orchestrator.
my question is

  1. i’ve login id and username in the first page of the web page which is not the passwords
    in the nex page i’ve my password which i need to give in the asset as in asset we need to give both username and password but i want to store only password

Hi @sreelakshmivella2012

You can Use Get Credential activity and Get only the Password by creating the variable in the password field


Hi @sreelakshmivella2012

You can leave username and store only password as well.that will not create any issue