I fail to extract data table in https://www.covid19india.org/

I fail to extract the data from the table on this web site I can’t extract the data what should I do to extract the data


Can you try to choose not from whole table but columns one by one?
(Please click “No” in dialog whether extract from the whole table.)


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its not come wt am expected

check-in that I want a separate column like recover, confirmed, death but in that, all are come at in one column only what should I do for that


Can you try the following steps?

  1. First, select first element for state/UT column. For example cell of Maharashtra.

  2. Then click No for not to extract from whole the table.

  3. Next, select second element. For example cell of Tamil Nadu.

  4. Now, you can choose column of State/UT and click next

  5. You will see preview data and click Extract Correlated Data button.

  6. Next, repeat above 1-6 for Confirmed column.

  7. Finally you can get as the following image.


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