How to extract all data from the table?

Hi All,

I’m using “Table Extraction” to extract highlighted table But it is not fetching two columns data.(Highlighted in yellow)
This is a Salesforce Application.

Please help me what changes to do.
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


I guess they are different tables…please check the structure if they are different tables…then use for eqch ui element and then extract each table inside it and then merge together as needed


Those two columns are editable. Rest of the Columns are not editable. So it is not fetching Editable Column data.


You have to change the meta data or use for eqch ui element and get the data separately and append to table


How to change Meta data ?
How to get the data separately? Because when I try to extract only single column , then also it is not fetching data for editable columns.

Usually I need to fetch only one column data.(Which is editable).
Any other way to extract apart from " Table Extraction" ?

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej ,

To Confirm, do you mean that the Columns are extracted but the values in it are not extracted or the Columns are also not present in the extracted table ?

Column is extracted but not the values.


For the editable column…you can use for each ui element and get attribute…and get the value attribute

Indicate the inner value and you can extract