I don't see the nupkg

Hi all,

as per title, uipath cannot see the nupkg inserted inside the folder shown in the screenshot, how is it possible?

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@andreus91 Did you try to install those packages ? Once you configure your nuget package paths(configure just the folder path of your package) >> Go to All Packages >> Search for your nuget package >> Install it.

Now, you can see the activities that coming up from your package

Hi @andreus91,

Follow these steps,

  1. Click Manage Packages -> Settings, here you may see two labels Name and Source. For the name, you need to provide the name which will be shown in the left side panel of the manage package window and for Source, you need to give the folder path where the .nupkg file is present. Then click save to reflect the package into the managed package.
    Note: in the path, it does not show the packages, it will show only the folder path.
  2. Click the Name(which you have provided in the above step) which will appear in the left panel of the manage package window. Now, you will see .nupkg in the manage package window and click install to install the package.

I hope this helps you to solve your issue.


Hey @andreus91

It should show the package. But I hope you are using the right formatted package with version.