I can't see some keywords like "send hot keys","type into" and so on while automating scenario in Ui path mobile

Can any one please help me out of this issue?


Keyboard shortcuts is the modern activity alternative for send hotkeys activity…

If you want to see classic activities …you can click Activities → filter icon → shoe classic

Then you should be able to see the old classic activities as well

Hope this helps


Hi @Sreeraj_Nandakumar

Hope this might help you :slight_smile:


Can you please share the screenshot of “Activities → filter icon → shoe classic”

Yeah it is showing finally.Thanks bro



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Hii @Sreeraj_Nandakumar ,
Go to New → Create Sequence .
Instead of Type Into in Mobile Automation we have "Set Text " Activity You can check this below link for other activities in Mobile Autiomation,

Hope this helps, :slightly_smiling_face:


Is the “set text” really works well when we try to enter otp into field like ------?

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