Legacy Application

My application is windows legacy application, I am unable to use any activities like type into, Click, data scraping and screen scraping.
Could you please suggest me How can I achieve that??

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You can try with Image Activities or Computer Vision Activities and it will work.

Hi @muralirpa
Some legacy application will be made of java and we wont be able to access their elements…
–Inorder to access them we need to install java extension if its a java application.
for installing java extensions

–or still if we are not able to access the fields and buttons, the most reliable way of handling them is using Send hot keys with keys like tab, enter
we can key tab to navigate to the field where we want to navigate and enter key to enter that field or button, similar to the way we do with the keyboard instead of mouse…

–or if you have latest community edition version, we can install the new feature given by uipath named Computer vision activities, for that go to manage packages in design tab and go to official tab and type computer vision, install it and we can click on the elements and fields we want with the activities under computer vision

–or if the above one doesn’t work apart from send hot keys we can use click image activity as well…but it will slow down the process a bit than the usual…but we can go for it if needed…

Thats all you are done
hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @muralirpa

Not able to enter the login details into the login screen?
How can achieve on that?


Have you installed Computer Vision Activities and tried with that ?

If not then try with that first and let’s see.


Did the Send hot keys working with that @muralirpa

I tried CV but it will not use full.
My case I have to update the details into the website for different places and I used in the CV type into activity.
It’s updated in 1st employee claim details successfully while entering into 2nd employee claim details it’s throwing an error because some details already there into the text box.

Any idea please suggest me. Thanks a lot in advance.

I will try and let you know.

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No luck…