I can't scroll down indefinitely

I set my scroll down activity to scroll down until it finds a specific UI elemnt. But after a time, like 30-60 seconds, it stops and says “couldnt find searched element”.

I want to scroll down for infinite time until the UI element is found, how do i do that?

Hi @john_johnsen

You have done correct , just check and validate your selector once again and try after updating your selector


Hi John,

Can you tell me the reason for scrolling down to the element before performing the click action?

UiPath has a feature that automatically scrolls down and clicks on an element if its selector is valid, even if it is not visible at the top of the page.


Hi @john_johnsen,

The UiPath Documentation around Mouse Scroll may be useful in this case:



If you select To Element in the Scroll Type field, the # of scrolls property field is ignored, and the specified UI element is looked for.
If, at runtime, the indicated element is not found, the activity scrolls for as much as specified in the # of scrolls field and then retries the search for the indicated element. This behavior is repeated as many times as necessary, until the element is found, and can be useful in the case of applications that have longer loading times.

Mouse Scroll (uipath.com)

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You don’t have to scroll down for it to find a UI element.

I had to scroll down cause otherwise the ui element wouldnt load

i wanted to load all the posts in the specific topic in quora. i have figured it out now thanks.

yea but it stopped scrolling by itself after about 1min. i put it in a while loop, now it works thanks.

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