I cant get the value from Config File

Hi guys

I am trying to get a value from the Config file image

i just put my method “send mail” in to the reframework template didnt created arguments or value, which i think i should but i dont know what to create.

Appreciate every bit of help

Check if argument name is Config or in_Config


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is this Mail_List an array ? can you share the screen shot of you config ?

i didnt import any arguments to this workflow

no its just a value name

it contains mail adress

I have solved ıt no problem ımported the ın_confıg to the send maıl workflow

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You need to follow your Config object to see where/how it is passed to where your SendMail sequence resides.

If your SendMail sequence is in a seperate workflow file (XAML file) and you are using the Invoke Workflow activity to execute your workflow - you will have to pass the Config object as argument to that workflow so you are able to use it there. This needs to be an argument with the direction In of the same type as the Config object which is a Dictionary<String, Object>

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