Get values from in_config to outlook

Hello everybody.
This might be a silly beginner’s question here. I want to get values ​​from the UiPath config (not another separate file) and fill

example above.

Then I want to pull these values ​​into a send outlook or smtp workflow but I can’t. I can even pull the input and output arguments but it doesn’t work?

are you using ReFramework and Config.xlsx file?

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You can pass the values to these arguments

By using assign activity

Or in the imports where this workflow invoked

In this way


Or in_Config(“key”).tostring

Key is which you have given in the config file


Yes. I think I made it by adding the config argument into the outlook workflow. thank you!!

Thank you.
Both solution works. I just needed to add the config argument inside the send email flow :smiley: but I tested before what you said and worked.
Many thanks guys


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