I can't find why?

Hi All,

I have used few write range throughout the process
I don’t know why it is writing this extra(column 1,…)
Anyone having any idea about this ? I don’t want to write these extra column in the sheet

from which source is the datatable coming / populated?

Maybe debuging the flow will help to identify the breaking part

you can enforce that datable is having only Data Rezil column by filter datatable and keeping only this column before write range

Source will be kept in the environment by client
okay Bro will try this

we were more looking on a feedback like:

  • datatable was created in advanced by a read range
  • by a build datatable

in case of read range it could happen that blanks in the first row are triggering the creation of unneeded columns.

So also have a check on this

Sure Bro

Checked Add header option in Read / Write range

Yes I have

Other Cells where column 1,2… appeared may have some empty string like " ", that is why enabling Add Header property causing these headers to be generated.

Thank You all for the reply

I had make workflow like ,

  1. After all the process Read Range and stored in the "DT"Variable
  2. Insert/Delete Columns
    • Where No of Column(DT.Comns.Count-the total range i needed (i.e, 123))
    • Position-> from 124
    • SheetName

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