I cant do the final test again

hello everybody

Someone knows why can not I do the test again?

What Will I need to do so that the test will be enabled?

The final test has a limit of 3 consecutive attempts - as shown in the
screenshot, you have reached the maximum number of attempts.
The system has now blocked the test for 24h, giving you time to go back to
the training and revisit the topics where you might still have doubts.
In 24h you will be able to retake the test.

All the best!

I have the same issue

I have failed the test 3 times on thursday of the last week and untill today monday I can’t get access again

Looking at some of the other comments on here, I think you need to go back to the start of the training and go through the materials again from scratch.

This should then give you a further 3 attempts to pass the foundation training.

Good Luck!

yes thanks, I had to re-take the entire course to take the exam again

I passed the exam 2 weeks ago but I havent received my certificate by email.