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I was failed the final test 3 times and get

So I think that I have to wait some time to redo the test, but I have from thursday to monday waiting and i doesn’t change, someone have the same problem?

Looking at some of the other comments on here, I think you need to go back to the start of the training and go through the materials again from scratch.

This should then give you a further 3 attempts to pass the foundation training.

Hi @Danny_Vaca,
You have to complete again the course, all the training materials, including the quizzes.

mmm… fail xD but could be the best, so can approve it, thanks

Don’t worry! We are only humans and everyone is doing mistakes but we are learning on them. I believe you can do it :slight_smile: Happy Automation :rocket:

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I failed in first attempt, then re-wrote the 2nd attempt and while submitting it, my internet got hanged. Then I refreshed the final test page once or twice before it got locked. Isn’t there any other way or shortcut to attempt it?