Final Exam Suspension Removal

I was unaware of the 3 tries limitation for the final exam. I got suspended as a result. How can I remove the suspension and finish the final exam.


you cannot remove suspension. Wait for 24 hour’s,
it will automatically open for exam.

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I have waited for 24 hours. However, it is still blocked.
Below is my screenshot


it is very clearly says in order to retake test you should review all prerequisite materials. so you must go through all videos again and take chapter vise test then only you are able to take the final test.

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Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the 3 tries restrictions.
Doing the whole course again would be very time consuming and unable for me to do so. Would it be possible if I can get some help from UiPath to restart my tries.

That would be much appreciated.

really have no such idea :frowning:

As per the rules you need to go through all the materials in order to re-take the exam.


I wasnt aware of the rules. Would it be possible to have the test tries reset just once.
It wouldn’t make sense to re watch and retake 60 hours of video and material just because I had 2-3 wrong questions in the final exam.


you can easily move forward in the training > skip the practical parts and move the playback to the end of the videos. you will be left only with the tests which will actually help you on the final exam

on the other hand, no offence, but you could have completed the training in the time you first opened the topic until now…

Yes I will have to retake all the tests again and spend time to do it. In any case, Also I wouldn’t know if UiPath is tracking my tests / videos as they are all ticked as done. How can I be sure my retaking and rewatching video / tests are actually counted?

For me, I just wanted to figure out if it was possible to reset my tries and try all avenues before having to do all over again as everyone is busy do not have time to do a course twice.

I’m sure you would understand.

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How do I revisit the course after fail in final test.Its been 48 hours ,still the progress is shown 100% and Im unable to begin fresh.

your Index box must be having the proper status… please check in your index and select from one by one from the beginning.

Its all green ticks in the left pane. All completed shown

Where is the index box

left hand side in the below image

If i fail 3 time in the final test should i retake all the 14 test again or just need to go through them once again ?

Hi @nagu,

If you fail 3 times, the quiz gets blocked for 24h. In addition, you will have to go again though all the materials(basically to redo the training, study a little more). And after this, you will get 3 more attempts available.

Good luck!

Hi every one thank you for your support I have completed the test in 1st attempt with score of 88.89 %.

Hello @mingerz, I faced the same situation.Wait for 24 hours, but I couldn’t retake final test.
So I returned only Lesson1, 2, 3 and done practice again, including past examination.
After that, I was able to retake the test.