Final Test

I don’t understand why after 24 hours I perform RPA Developer Foundation Training - Final Test not pass but I still get the message :
“Number of remaining attempts : 0
Please note that the course will become unavailable for 24 hours after 3 failed attempts. Once it is reactivated, you will need to go through the training again in order to take the final test.”

Your test is suspended. In order to retake this test, you must review all prerequisite material.


Hi Henry,
You have 3 attempts at the final exam, if you happen to fail all 3 times your progress will be reset and you would have to pass through all the materials and lessons again in order to have access to the final exam.
Good luck,

Thank AndraT,
Now, I need to redo the test of 14 lesson?

You have to complete again the course, all the training materials, including the quizzes.

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How do I reset the progress?

I have waited 24 hours and progress has not been reset.