How To Copy Image To Clipboard

How to copy image to clipboard? OR How to save screenshots inside a Citrix environment ? OR How to paste image in excel/word/ppt/paint?

Most of the times, there might be a requirement to save Images/ Data of the transactions/operations done inside a Citrix Environment for debugging or verification purposes.

Possible Solutions

  1. Taking the screenshot, saving it in a shared file location which is accessible from the Citrix server.
  2. Using .Net functions to set the image to clipboard, and access it from there.

Description of Solution:

  1. Inside the workflow, drag a Sequence
  2. Use "Take Screenshot" activity to capture the image, save the output in an image variable
  3. Use "Invoke Method" activity to call "Set Image" method. Details to be mentioned. Target Type → System.Windows.Form.Clipboard, Method Name → SetImage, Parameters → Input → Image Variable (from the above step)
  4. Use "Open Application" to open Paint or any other application to save the image from clipboard
  5. Use "Send Hotkey" activity → "Ctrl +V" for pasting the image to Paint
  6. Use "Send Hotkey" activity → "Ctrl + S" for saving the file
  7. Use "Type Into" activity → to fill the location where you want to save the file
  8. Use "Send Hotkey" activity → "Enter"
  9. Use "Type Into" activity to provide the file name
  10. Use "Send Hotkey" activity → "Enter" to save the file.
  11. Use "Close Application" activity to close the Paint application.

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