I cannot succeed exporting the selected value out of Drop-Down List in Form Activity

Hi I’m using a drop-down list component in my Form Activity and I’m exporting the field value as String but it returns empty in the final variable. What is the specific type to use to capture the selected value out of the Drop-Down List component? Or Am I doing something wrong in here? Thank you for your help. I also attached the JSON file for the drop-down component: drop-down-list.json (8.3 KB)

@atoi Have you tried fetching the Selected Dropdown Value from the Output of the Form whcih is a Json String, You Have to Deserialize the String to Json then Access the Selected Value using the Field Key assigned.

It got me into thinking. I changed one data row in the list as an example to a string character and it worked. All data in the drop-down list are integers (numbers from 1 to 100) so I changed the containersQuantity variable to Int32 and now it works fine and problem solved. But, why wasn’t I able to fetch every data out of the drop-down list as an string? Is it somehow related to the serialization issue that you said?

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