I can´t add process in Orchestator CE

i have a myget repository

the package is sucessful upload

i can´t add a process in the bot

Hi Luis,

Did you also changed the API key from your feed?

yes for my api key from myget

Are you using Orchestrator CE? I’ve tried with it and i only get that error when it’s the wrong Api key. Maybe it has something to do with the package size.(but it should show a better error) What size is yours? Have you tried with another package?

Please check if there is a problem with the Feed URL setting. Please check if this post helps you:

yes, i´m using orchestator CE

still in error

the problem are in the private feed, there is a way to give credentials at orchestator por privates feeds of myget?

I tried with my own myget feed. Here are my settings, both in UiPath.Settings and in Orchestrator Settings - Deployment:

I didn’t need any credentials in Orchestrator. I have two packages in my feed and i can find them in Packages page in Orchestrator and deploy the Processes for them.

your feed is public or private? i dont want a public feed

Oh, it’s not private. Let me do a little research on private feed. Thanks!

in public feed works, but is not ideal in enterprise enviroment

In Deployment URL you have to set “Your pre-authenticated V2 URL (no basic authentication)” from Feed Details.

Is it possible to have a local repository to store the upath processes for the robots instead of having to use the myget url in the orchestrator? its mandatory use myget for the repository?