I am unable Scrape TEXT by Using "GetFullText"

Hi Developers,
Got a problem, My task simply needs to scrape all text from this webpage https://mtbachelor.co.washington.or.us/Tax2Web/2019-2020/R2078811.pdf
Actually it is PDF Opening in a browser, When I am using “Get Text”, “GetFullText” or “Read PDF” anything there is no luck.

Hi @Sun_Dar

I just check the screen scraping and I got good results

Is the PDF embedded into a container?


Hi @AndresTarazona,
1st of all Thanks!
I tried Screen Scrapping, Actually, i need to fetch the values by Headers, As it giving whole text as a column, cannot pull the dollar values according to the header.
Can you elaborate your question (Is the PDF embedded into a container?) ?

Hi @Sun_Dar
Your problem is that it opens in the browser ?
Why not use the Hot key Ctrl + s and download the file to your device
and try again

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With Read PDF activity you are able to scrape without opening in browser

check below

Any issue let me know


Hi @Sun_Dar
Please follow the below steps:
1)Click Manage Packages
2)Download uipath PDF activities
3)Open the attached ReadPdExtractValues.XAML ReadpdfExtractValues.xaml (5.8 KB)
4) Meanwhile, Download the Pdf in a local directory
5)Specify the PDF location in the Read pdf activity
6)In the Arguments specify the Initial and final word between which text you need

For example, you can run with the already existing values in the argument.
The result you will get as 7,797.93
Likewise, you can change the initial word and final word to get the text in between.
Please mark the issue as resolved!!

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Hello @Majed,
Thanks for Helping :slight_smile:
I already downloaded and then tried through “Read PDF Text”, No Luck it’s giving an empty string. :frowning:

By any chance did you get opportunity to check out my solution above

Hi @arun_vignesh,

Thank You For Helping!
I have tried as is, It is not working out for me when i tried with your XML File.

Please share the details of error. It works perfectly in my machine

Thank you all,
i resolved the issue by downloading the "Nuance PDF " in my machine, The issue raised because the PDF has Images alongside text. i could read the TEXT only by opening the PDF in “Nuance PDF”.

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