Uipath Get Full Text 'SECTION': One or more errors occurred. when pdf is scrapped


I want to do screen scraping by get full text from web page. But I got the error message above when it open a pdf file.

How can I fix this problem. Thank you

Hello @teo_choudu

Can you show us how you have configured this in your workflow?

Hi, are you scraping data from webpage or PDF file ?
If it is PDF file , you need to use OCR method , get full text works though , but it works only native PDF s

Can you please put screenshot of your workflow and error


I am scraping data from webpage and get full text. But some webpage contains pdf

Please use screen scrapping technique instead of particular method of scrapping
The screen scrapping method by default takes the best method to scrape the data based on the environment that you are scraping from

I had used the screen scraping method with Full text method. Is it correct?