I am facing this issue: in 2018.2.3 Get Outlook mail message activity not able to read message..it throws errors like

ERROR : *The specified folder does not exist at Source: UiPath.Mail.Activities.

Do you need to change anything in properties, to read mails when job runs?

error: outlook%20error1

@johns you have not defined account from which outlook email your trying to retrieve emails.

Even after defining account(email) from which outlook is retrieving emails

My uipath studio version is 2018.2.3. uipath.mail.activity version is : 1.1.6562

my account email : rpauipath55@*****.org.

how email should look like.

Sometime I mention my email in config file. (can I mention)

Do I need to use Filters or what ? what is the solution for this error.

waiting for better solution.

@johns that activity is used for filtering email. try updating your activity version as i’m having 1.3.0 and one more question are you having exchange to your environment and Microsoft outlook ? Or you are using webmail outlook to retrieve your email? Uipath is not able to detect your email account what error is about.

How to find exchange to my environment and microsoft outlook? I have no idea.

what might be the issue ?

@johns would you mind sharing a screen shot of your email that your are trying to automate?

But, when I created simple for loop to read emai subject using Get Outlook mail message

But, I am able to read subjects of emails…by using simple for loop.

I can see subject mesages.

what might be the issue?

Its a company email I cannot share it.

Am I missing any setting or what is the issue ?

i have created a demo screen shots for you hope it helps. I have also read subject , it will be great if you share what are you trying to read except subject?

attaching both scenarios: 1. without account(email) it runs perfect and displays subject
2. with account(email) throws error as : Get outlook mail messaeg: the specified folder does not exist.

when I don’t provide any email at account…I get pop-up message as : program trying to access your email…select allow or deny or cancel .

what might be issue

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Without that also it will work , we need to give name of your email if it has more than one email in outlook other it will use default email. I would rather contact my system admin for same as this is something you fix but will need to investigate a lot. It seems something is not properly configured with your system. Trying access this same xaml file on someother system and see how it goes.