I am curious about how to use Parallel Activity

‘Parallel Activity’ This is not running either one of them, but sequentially. Why would you use this?

  • Log Message

The result is the same if you use only one Sequence Activity.

Parallel activity provides pseudo multi-threading. So, if some activity become waiting in one lane, other activity will run in other lane.

Can you try to insert delay between Log Message, for example?

Note: Output panel is not assumed its order in msec. Perhaps you should check log file.


The main use of parallel activity to reduce the execution time and it executes parallely and asynchronously.
An activity that executes all child activities simultaneously and asynchronously.

In the below example, there are two child branches. First child opens the amazon site and click on computers and second child opens notepad and types text into notepad.

I know it. thank you~

thank you

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