Unattended Bot with params

I would love to hear some opinions from other UiPaths developers. If you had a process that required some user input before it started but the rest of the automation could be done unattended, how would you go about it? would you build a web app for the user to input the parameter and have that call the UiPath orchestrator API to kick off a unattended bot? Would you use a BPM to kick off the process?
The question really boils down to, how can we give business users who do not know how to use UiPath the ability to kick off unattended bots.



You can use UiPath Orchestrator API to kick start


Once you get the input from the user, you just add the information to queue

In orchestrator you can use Queue Trigger

This way also you can start the process

Hope this helps


Hey @ksrinu070184,

Thanks for the response, the second part of your answer was a little more specific than what i was looking for. In any case, your saying that you would have a web development team build a web app for the business user to access and have that web app call the orchestrator api?

In this movie, you have more 15 examples from different software that call UiPath Process with parameter (on the movie description you have details link for each software):

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