Hummingbird hostExplorer and UiPATH terminal wizard


I’m trying to use Ui PATH Terminal Wizard with the hummingbird emulator ? Anyone has tried this ?
I tried with the Ui Path internal, it does connect and show a terminal wizard but when I want to send key control… it doesn’t respond correctly…
Can we plug the IBM EHLLAPI with it ?

Thanks for any hint

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I am working on a proof of concept for our company and am wondering the same thing. We are using Hummingbird for HostExplorer and am not able to get a connection.

Hi hohnan79,

I tried mostly everything for Hummingbird. You can get a connection with UiPath Internal. It does work but not secure, for example, when you type your password at connection, it does show it in clear.
Anyway, I hope you can find a solution about it.
My solution was to ask to switch on IBM PC.

I’ve tried quite a bit to make it work including UiPath Internal. Know I am missing something. I did read in the HostExplorer documentation that it could emulate the IBM setup so was going to look to that if possible as well. Tough to find info on this scenario.

Thanks Victorcacf

@Victorcacf, @hohnan79

Hummingbird Host Explorer was previously OpenText Host Explorer.
It does support EHLL API.
Please find the information in the attached PDF (Pay attention to Important Notes in it pls, the interface needs to be activated in the Terminal Emulator application).
Do not use Internal Provider. As a general rule, Internal Provider is the very last resort solution.

FAN-OpenTextHostExplorer15.0-Connections-020419-0722.pdf (3.9 KB)