How to connect terminal session

My Mainframe type of file is HostExplorer Profile (.hep)
I can’t connect that with the options already given inuipath

Attachmate Reflection
Attachmate Extra
Rocket BlueZone
IBM personal communication
Reflection for unix
Reflection for IBM
UiPath Internal.

Error code: Error Creating Terminal Proxy
Can anyone help me to connect

Any update on this query?

Hi @ASinha

Here is OpenText Host Explorer v. 15 connection as tested by me:
FAN-OpenTextHostExplorer15.0-Connections-110419-0930.pdf (3.9 KB)

Host Explorer was later acquired by Hummingbird, but the connection details shouldn’t differ.

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Hi @cornel
Thanks for the information however I’m more focused over integrating a terminal (MobaXterm) for SSH client/server. I tried the provider option as “Reflection for UNIX” and checked different ways but couldn’t able to setup the connection and endup with the error as "System.Exception: There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code: ErrorCreatingTerminalProxy"
Please let me know your comments?

Hi @ASinha,

Reflection for UNIX is still a mainframe terminal, not a SSH client, so it cannot be used that way.

For SSH, please see this one:
I didn’t use it myself, but I know Sorin’s work (Sorin is the author) is always great.


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