It seems that is down.

Do have any idea when the issue will be resolved?

some people are planning to do the certificate exam practical test by today.


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hello @loginerror @Pablito
please help


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Hi @Eman @sandeep13,
The problem is known. Since couple days we have some maintenance ongoing from time to time on the server. Problem is monitored and unfortunate can happen from time to time. Sorry for inconvenience. Will let you know in this topic when site will be up again :wink:

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So when do you recommend to do the practical test?

Thanks @Pablito

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@Eman @sandeep13,
Website is running now. You can work with it :slight_smile:

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@Pablito Thank you

Hi Pabilto & ACME Team,

I am unable to register my new account in site β€œ”.
Pls assist me for solution.

Hi @Dhanavishnuram_Venkatram,
Please try the same on IE. Acme website is made for IE.

Hi Pablito, I am experiencing issues as well when i try to open , it returning error β€œ404|Not Found”. please help

Please check if you have still this issue. Everything seems to work ok.

I seem to get the same error