Unable to login to ACME test uipath

Acme login fails just now. During the last hour, after hitting login button it is simple reloading log in page again…

Hi @Gloryjoseph,

I’m having the same problem. Worst is I’m currently having my practical certification exam. Do you have any update on what happened?

yup, the same issue for last 1 hour. :tired_face: almost half way of completion, but unable to proceed

Same issue–also in the middle of the practical exam…

how can we run the program if the login functionality of the acme system site is no good

No Update yet @caduque …Waiting

I only have 1hr and 15mins left :frowning:

Any update from anyone? I only have 45mins

Still no luck here either.

The certification site is not working as well. I only have 30 mins left. Oh my!

right new the platform is also down!!!
When I want to upload my zip to the system:tired_face::tired_face:

Same here :frowning:

Its working now… Please check

Hi Guys,

I was marked as failed as I weren’t able to upload any file. Which is by the way their fault because of the problem with ACME System 1 and the certification site. How are we going to fix this?

Hi Guys,

UIPath just replied to my submitted ticket. Final verdict is that I just have to take the exam again. They don’t have any developer to manually check the workflow I’ve created. I’m not sure if the tasks will be the same. By the way, this is my last chance to pass. Wish me luck guys!

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