ACME Test website not working

I am not able to login to website. it is not showing any error message.

Could some one help me.

Thank You,
Naga Varma site is not able to login… even If you provide correct credential it stay’s login page…

@ovi You may wanna have a look at this.

Rammohan B.

Hi all, there is indeed an issue with the ACME platform. It should hopefully be resolved soon.

We will keep you posted.

@Naga_Varma @praburamaiah
The issue should be resolved.

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The issue is still not fixed and sometimes I am able to login and sometimes its not working. Please fix it.

I am facing the same issue… The website has a bug. It doesn’t respond after entering the credentials sometimes.

Please someone help me. I could not reset the password in ACME Test as it does not send confirmation code to my email.

Can somebody help me on this? I could not complete the lesson in UiPath Acedemy.

I have raised ticket 103748 but no one responds me.

I was resetting my password on ACME and thought it (finally) worked, but when I started the Practical Exam just now I am unable to log into ACME. I opened a ticket with UiPath last week about ACME and never received a response. Now I will have wasted 1 of 2 attempts for the exam. Please fix this issue.

I still could not reset my password. I have checked all spam emails throughly.
Can someone in UiPath Support please help…!
The ticket is 103748

Is any facing an issue when trying to upload “Yearly file”? I am getting error “Some error occured”

Can anyone having the same issue?

I have got many problems with Acme today, it seems that something is wrong with acme website. Right now this website does not respond :frowning:

This is the error I am getting when uploading file.

Hi every body,

I have the same problem today, I canno’t acces to the Acme plateforme even i reset the password.

Could any one help please.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Sinoss

It should be fixed now :slight_smile:

it’s ok, thanks

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ACME website is not working again. Please check and confirm.

ACME website is not working, can anyone help.

We will look into it, thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. Could you please also check the certification website. Its not working since morning.

Website is not available now.

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