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I am new to impart. I have registered on [] and started learning level 1. I have successfully completed Lesson 1 - Introduction to UiPath.

When I clicked on the next chapter Lesson 2 - Variables, Data Types & Control Flows, it is locked. Could someone please help me how to unlock to proceed further.

Please find the attached error message.

Thanks in advance!



You haven’t completed lesson 1 . So they are in locked state. It is showing that 3/5 i.e, you have completed 3 lessons out of 5. Click on Resume where you left and continue with the lessons. You have to complete all the previous lessons to unlock the next lesson

As @HareeshMr said, you need to pass through each previous lesson in order to unlock the next one. In case you want to, you can watch the lessons in whichever order you want on YouTube:

Just pick the right playlist for you.

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2 more sections to go before you complete.

Thanks for your prompt reply Hareesh:+1:

What you said is right, Let me check once again and get back if i face any issues!