HTTP Request - 'None' authentication option

Please explain, how the ‘None’ authentication option works in HTTP Request?

I can access the SharePoint list with ‘None’ authentication option in HTTP GET Request without any token or credentials.

If it gives access with None, that means that resource is public (to anyone) without any restrictions and you can access it.

Also double check, if you provided by any chance other information in the Header (cookies , etc.)

Hi Marian,
I have checked the Headers, cookies, and parameter, I couldn’t find any information.
Also, I am not accessing the public resource; I am accessing our SharePoint site list items.

Please see the screenshot for HTTP Request configuration.

Does ‘None’ mean Windows Authentication?

Hello @Nandhini_Ravichandran

  • In UiPath, the HTTP Request activity allows you to make HTTP requests to a specified URL, sending or receiving data from a server.
  • When using the ‘None’ authentication option in the HTTP Request activity, it means that the request will be sent without any additional authentication headers or credentials.
  • Essentially, it will not include any authentication information in the request, and it will be treated as an anonymous request to the server.

Thanks Vinitha,

In my case, I can access our SharePoint list without any token or credentials.

I left the authentication option as ‘None’. Still, I can connect to SharePoint without any issues.

Is that ‘None’ option meant to mean ‘Windows authentication’ in a SharePoint API call?