Http Request Get Queueitems with filter

I want do delete all specific content of all items in a queue. Updating of the items works fine, it’s the Get request that I need to improve. HTTP request queue items fetches all items in a folder. I can use an if-statement to ignore other queue’s but I’d rather use a filter in the cUrl, since there are over 300.000 items in the folder. Using a filter in the endpoint with QueueDefinitionId + value doesn’t work. Any idea’s?


Check this KB

Sorry, If my original question wasn’t clear. I don’t mind losing all Specific Content, that is the goal anyway. My question is how can I use a filter for QueueDefinitionID in my request.

Let’s say there are 300 items in 3 queue’s in a folder. Each queue has 100 items. Queue1 has QueueDefinitionID 1.
Kan I use that Id in a filter in my request so my Json result gives 100 items.

Check these documentations and

Then play with the Swagger documentation for the Queues entity.

Yep, made a stupid typo… been staring at it for 2 days. Thanks anyway!