Getting Queue Count using Orchestrator HTTP Request For Specific Queue


I am trying to get the count of items in a queue. I don’t want to impact the status of the items when I do this and the only way I have found to do this is by using the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity. My plan is to get the queue items using the activity and then get the count from the returned JSON.

I am retrieving the Queue Items currently using the Activity shown in the image. However, I have 2 queues and the activity shown is returning the items for both queues. I only want the items from one specific queue.

How can I filter the HTTP request to only give me the items from one queue?



we can use

  • the Get Queue Items <-s Activity

and will not modify the the items

Endpoint: /odata/QueueItems?%24filter=QueueDefinitionId%20eq%12345&%24count=true

12345 is the id of your queue

this id you can also retrieve this with another rest call
Endpoint: odata/QueueDefinitions?%24select=Id%2C%20name

You can prototype it with swagger

Thank you for the quick and thorough response. Much appreciated. I swear I had tried the Get Queue Items approach before and that it set all the items to in process. However, I tested that approach again, and it seems to work great. Not sure what I did last time.

I will try out the HTTP request as well for my own sake, but looks like I will go with the first approach for the automation I am working on.

Thank you!

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