Filter QueueItems on Specific Content via API - will it be removed soon?

As per the updated documentation Orchestrator - Rate limits, the specific data will omitted from GET/odata/QueueItems since Feb 2024.

Does it also mean the


will not work anymore?

It looks to me like that will no longer work. Instead you would probably have to:

  1. Call odata/QueueItems to get all of the queue items and their unique keys
  2. Iterate through calling GET/odata/QueueItems(key) for each queue item and checking if the specific content contains what you’re looking for

From my understanding of the page you shared, you can’t get all the queue items from a queue anymore WITH their specific content. But you can go directly to a queue item and get its specific content at GET/odata/QueueItems(key).

Edit: As Jon pointed out below, filtering on their end may still work. Also my suggestion would be a lot of calls and could cross their 100 calls a minute rate on that page, depending on how many queue items you’re dealing with.

I’m not sure I agree, just that the data won’t be returned by the query. Its entirely possible that the filtering, which happens server side, does not affect the rate limits and the result will be successfully filtered and then sent back, minus the Input / Output.

I think this change makes sense but that UiPath themselves are the worst culprit of this, the Orch website is extremely heavy in its API calls, doing zero restrictions on most API requests so it grabs all possible data even if only 1 or 2 fields are needed.

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You’re right, it is definitely possible that the filtering may still work, I didn’t think about that, good point.

My organisation is working on rolling out some changes to adapt to this and will be testing on our canary tenant after Feb 5th when these changes are applied there.

I’ll see if I can do a test on this searching to indeed see if the filtering still works and share my results here (unless someone beats me to it).

The API call odata/QueueItems?$filter=contains(SpecificData,'"Key1":"value1"') will continue to work as expected, it will filter the results based on the SpecificData field. The announcement refers only to the data returned by the API call.


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